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What is HGT?

HGT stands for Holistic Health Therapy and is derived from the Dutch ‘Holistische Gezondheids Therapie’.

Although the flag showed only a British flag, off course, we could help you worldwide too. Pleas do see here, halfway this page, in case you are interested to become our student, and become a practitioner in Holistic Health Medicine. In just 17 months only you could have your diploma, it is not in any way a certificate. This is due to our higher level of qualification. But this course is super practical too, as such. It will be coached, you see, this is unique. Theory as well off course. 🙂 Please bare with us, for an official English language page. Thank you, we are currently working on it.

Dutch therapists in Holland who also speak english language:

Saskia Rijnvis, Steenwijk
Lucie Linden, Alkmaar e.o.
Rietje Waldering, Haarlem
Willie Bocxe, Mijdrecht
Leontine Kastelijn, Eindhoven


What is Holistic Health Therapy?      

Holistic health therapy is a new, effective method for repairing one’s health in the broadest sense of the word. Holistic comes from the Greek word `holos, which means ‘whole’. Holism is a philosophy that body, spirit and soul are unbreakably linked with each other.

Holistic Health Therapy treats mental and physical, acute and chronic problems. Step by step these are treated with applications selected specifically for the person in question. From depression to phobia,
from migraine to rheumatism.

What is health?

Being healthy in body and spirit is a complex situation. This becomes clear when a feeling, such as fear, has an impact on the body (perspiration), and a disturbance in the body, such as hormone production, affects our mood (aggression, depression).

Weaknesses to the physical body, such as the nerve system, blood circulation system, movement system, hormone system, organs, tissue, endocrine glands, brain and the immune system are only one part of the
cause of complaints. These areas and functions can be repaired better than is generally known.

Just as important for our mental and physical well functioning is our aura (the energetic body around the physical body), our chakra’s (wheels of energy) and our meridian system (energy flows over and in the body).

The aura and the etheric body with its 7 main chakra’s, a number of smaller chakra’s and 12 meridians of acupuncture, feed our mental and physical systems with life energy, just as food and drink provide our body with essential substances.

For the recuperation of total health it is important that the aura has no fault lines and distortions, supplying the physical body with good energy and that the chakra’s give a good energy supply to the meridian system, giving the whole system a good flow and balance.

Holistic Health Therapy is striving to repair essential disturbances and weaknesses in this entire system of both physical and energetic functions, for which it applies very simple but effective applications.

Treat all complaints with one therapy

Holistic Health Therapy has the philosophy that complaints of all nature can be treated at the same time.  Mental problems and physical disorders mostly have the same underlying causes. The whole complaint picture is mapped and treated.

Because of this broad approach, the holistic healty therapist will, besides his own treatments, sometimes refer to a certain specialism like for example, chiropractics, ondevit, physiotherapy, vortex healing, family constellations, etc. These are meant specifically as part of the treatment to total health recovery.

Only resources and treatments which will work on essential disturbances are applied: only then can the best results be expected. This way the client will save time and money.

Effective applications

In practice it appears that both regular and alternative treatments or resources are sometimes applied which provide little to no contribution to effective recovery.

Every human being has a unique constitution: no body, no aura, no chakra is the same. For this reason  resources and treatments selected for a specific person for a specific complaint are necessary.

For example, physiotherapy works on shoulder complaints if it is caused by muscle or tendon problems. However if it is caused by a blocked meridian which runs in this area, then colour therapy on that meridian is the most effective treatment.

If there is a case of anaemia, taking iron tablets can help. Holistic health therapy however works on the underlying causes, so that the iron intake function of the body improves and that iron usage is standardised by the body. Then iron tablets are no longer necessary.

Victims of, for example, accidents, incest and maltreatment can process part of the trauma with psychotherapy. The largest shadow of it disappears however by repairing the chakra and aura layers which
have been disturbed by that experience.

What can you expect from the consultations?

The first consultation will give you a clear view of the situation concerning your total health. An initial interview takes place, in which your physical and/or mental complaints are going to be mapped. Then the main causes of these complaints are looked at: the most essential disturbances and burdens which lay at the root of your problem areas.

This will give you a good insight into the interaction between body and spirit. For example: it can be that a shock caused a disturbance in the brain function which has resulted in hyperactivity, that a vaccination early in life has resulted in constipation, or that sleeping on an earth ray caused a dysfunction of the pancreas as a result of which a food allergy has arisen which causes depression.

Into this network of disturbances clarity is brought.  In the first consultation an overall indication on the expectations of health recovery is given.

On average the consultations are once per month. In each consultation it is discussed, how it is going, looked at to what extent treated areas have been repaired, and the next steps are determined. An effective application from a wide variety of resources and treatments is being sought out for you personally.

Medication and supplements

Most people use resources already: medication from the doctor, vitamins and minerals, herbs and flower remedies. Whether these resources contribute to health recovery effectively is looked at in the total approach. You will continue to use these resources in principle. If it appears that the effects stand in the way of health recovery, other recommendations will be made to you (in consultation with your doctor if you  wish).

Sometimes medication has been taken for too long which has impacted one’s health in a negative way. This applies likewise to natural preparations, which are favourable for part of your health, but could create large problems elsewhere in your body.

Something else which happens frequently is that your medication or natural preparations do not contribute to a better health whatsoever, and can just as well be stopped. The HGT therapist will look at these aspects. Both regular medications and supplements will often be superfluous once total health recovery is in progress.


You wish to become therapist, or practitioner in holistic health medicine too?
Then please see our other page, on www.hgt.nu/opleiding please for more on this. Amounts mentioned, are our European prices, they will scale according to your countries bruto income. The page is still in Dutch only for now. you can get the essence of it through Google translate, no doubt, please do bare with us, thank you.
And..if you like to become our student too, soon, it will be possible to be instructed by skype or facetime, so no very low phone costs, with or without camera, off course, yet also in our manual techniques we would only in the beginning, need this camera on your mobile phone would do. Much goes through remarks in dropbox files, and through text messages, free of charge, else, those costs are for us.
Our HGT (or HHM – Holistic Health Medicine 🙂 ) practises are the essence of the methods as we know them, it is typical for HGT, to get to the core of things only, as such. This is most effective, all in all. Don’t you worry, since you will be instructed with us. Also German instructors allready now available, as well as Spanish and French and Italian. Portugese will be available also though.
Please do share this link here above widely to other language people in or outside your own country too. Or be a student, and simply subscribe, it is all the effort and money truely worth, so is our experience so far, due to our excellent therapists here and their awesome results, do please see www.hgt.nu/resultaten. Still Dutch, but..you know, this is our language here. LoL…sorry for this, time pressure and such many materials to translate. This will all come, and please do help if you wish and also speak perfect Dutch, it will get paid. Go to www.hgt.nu/contact please for this only and fill out your available time soon, plus your credentials, thank you very much indeed.