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Que es el HGT?

HGT es sinónimo de Terapia Holística de Salud y se deriva del holandés “Holistische Gezondheids Therapie’. See our other page, on www.hgt.nu/opleiding please for more on this. Amounts mentioned, are our European prices, they will scale according to your countries bruto income. The page is still in Dutch only for now. you can get the essence of it through Google translate, no doubt, please do bare with us, thank you.
And..if you like to become our student too, soon, it will be possible to be instructed by skype or facetime, so no very low phone costs, with or without camera, off course, yet also in our manual techniques we would only in the beginning, need this camera on your mobile phone would do. Much goes through remarksin dropbox files, and through tekst messages, free of charge, they are for us.
Our HGT (or MHS 🙂 ) practises are the essence of the methods as we know them, it is typical for HGT, to get to the core of things only, as such. Don’t you worry, since you will be instructed. Also German instrutors allready now available.

Una terapeuta en los Países Bajos que habla español abiamo nessuno adesso. Per favore, inscritto lei! 🙂